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Species II
Roughly two years after the events of Species, an American space mission lands on Mars. Patrick Ross, the commander of the mission, collects soil samples. Back on board, the temperature on the ship thaws a mysterious substance within one of the soil samples, which then attempts to infect the astronauts, causing a seven-minute time gap in radio contact between Earth and the shuttle. The mission is still considered a success and the crew safely returns to Earth, greeted by fans and cheers. Only Dr. Cromwell, a former scientist and now an inmate in an asylum, reacts to their return with violent fits.

Under military supervision headed by Colonel Carter Burgess Jr., a team of scientists, led by Dr. Laura Baker, have created a more-docile clone of Sil, named Eve, in an effort to understand the alien life form and prepare for defense, should it ever arrive on Earth in the future.

After their return, the three astronauts - Ross, as well as Dennis Gamble and Anne Sampas - are examined by space agency doctor Orinsky and quarantined to prevent them from engaging in copulation/sexual activity for ten days. However, at a fundraiser honoring the astronauts, Patrick disregards this advice and has an amorous encounter with a debutante in a closet, nearly missing his speech. Afterward, he visits the debutante’s hotel room and has sex with her, then her sister as well. While he is having sex with her sister, the debutante suddenly undergoes an accelerated pregnancy; within minutes her stomach swells and then rips open to release Patrick’s child, a fate that also befalls her sister off-screen after she discovers tentacles growing from Patrick’s back. Meanwhile, an isolated Eve, undergoing tests in the lab, shows signs of great, physiological excitement every time Patrick has sex with women.

Patrick hides the corpses of the women and his two rapidly growing children in a remote shed on family property. The next day, he tries to confide his concerns about lost memories to his father, the ruthless and ambitious Senator Judson Ross. His father rebuffs him, however, revealing that he knows about Patrick’s ignoring the ten-day quarantine and advising him to keep his mind on his goals, as Senator Ross believes his son will one day be President of the United States. Later, at the space center, Dr. Orinsky discovers something amiss about Patrick’s blood sample, leading him to try to contact Cromwell. However, Patrick sneaks into the lab and disembowels Orinsky while in alien form to hide the discovery. Laura discovers alien DNA similar but not identical to Eve’s in Orinsky’s corpse. Burgess reunites Laura with Press Lennox, who founded a private security firm after the first film, to contain the new threat. Press and Laura contact Cromwell, Orinsky’s former professor, who tells them that he advised the government not to go to Mars due to his discovery that an alien species had once visited the planet, fearing that alien DNA might remain on Mars and infect any humans that landed there.

Press and Laura report their findings to Burgess and tell him that Patrick, Anne and Dennis are the likely candidates. They attempt to find Patrick first, but he is nowhere to be found, so they go after Anne Sampas, who was also infected with alien DNA during the return trip home. Unfortunately, by the time they are able to locate her, she has already had unprotected intercourse with her husband and has become impregnated with alien offspring, which emerges from her womb shortly after. Press and Laura manage to kill the newborn creature, but not before it kills both Anne and her husband. Government agents are able to locate Dennis Gamble and analyze his blood, revealing that he was not infected and is allowed to go home, though is asked if he knows where to find Patrick. He answers that he doesn’t know where Patrick is, but is asked to inform them of where he is or where he might be found should he ever see him. Dennis decides to go find Patrick to find out what is going on. Laura discovers that Anne’s DNA does not match that in Orinsky’s wounds, leaving Patrick as the only remaining suspect.

After spending the night with his fiancée, away from everyone else, Patrick awakes to the next day to find that her body is mutilated and another alien child was born to him through her. Horrified at what he has done, he washes up, dresses in his military uniform, and shoots himself in the head with a rifle. However, due to his alien DNA, Patrick’s head regenerates and he is reborn with the alien side in full control. As Dennis witnesses this, he becomes scared and runs off to tell Press and Laura; he then joins Press and Laura in their mission. Patrick, with the alien half in control, begins to impregnate as many women as he can (mostly prostitutes and strippers), killing them in the process, and burying them next to his shed where he accumulates a large, virulent brood of alien children of various ages.

At the lab, the scientists, unable to locate Patrick on their own, activate Eve’s dormant alien DNA in order to telepathically track Patrick, but results in making her more alien than human, increasing her strength, anger and mating drive. After being found at a grocery store by Press and Dennis, Patrick becomes aware of Eve and, in order to get closer to her, gives himself up to Press and Dennis; this occurs after almost raping a woman he meets in the store. As they return to the lab, Eve shows signs of being in heat and libido towards Patrick. Patrick tries to enter her isolation cell, but is chased off by Laura, Dennis and Press.

Burgess confronts Senator Ross with indisputable evidence of Patrick’s infection and demands that he help bring Patrick in. Suspicious that the military will kill Patrick instead, Ross deduces he is at the shed, which is on property listed in Patrick’s late mother’s maiden name. When Senator Ross apologizes to his son for treating him so coldly and tells him they will seek treatment for Patrick’s infection together, Patrick’s human side returns and he tearfully embraces his father. However, the alien side violently reasserts itself and kills the Senator. Completely broken to his alien instincts, Patrick helps his hybrid children to cocoon, awaiting their rebirth as adults so that they can mate with humans, hoping to eventually destroy mankind. Meanwhile, Laura finds out that Dennis had resisted infection from the alien DNA due to his carrying a genetic flaw, and makes plans to infect the alien species with Dennis’ DNA, as the species lacks immunity to human genetic diseases.

As the team prepares, Eve breaks free from the lab to find Patrick. The team tails her, finds the shed and kills Patrick’s brood. Eve and Patrick finally encounter each other, undress and amorously perform a mating ritual in which they quickly transform into their alien forms, but are interrupted by Press, who tries to get Eve to get away from Patrick. Patrick fights off Press and Dennis and later overpowers Eve (who had attacked him at Laura’s request after she begged her, appealing to her human half). He then, seemingly, kills her by forcing his penis down her throat, choking her to death. Press stabs Patrick in the back with a pitchfork coated with Dennis’ blood, causing Patrick to die and disintegrate.

The military finally arrives and escorts Press, Laura and the injured Dennis away. Eve’s lifeless body is loaded into the back of an ambulance. As the vehicle departs, a cat lands on Eve and causes her womb to swell rapidly, indicating an imminent birth after being impregnated by Patrick, as one of Patrick’s children, who hadn’t yet cocooned, looks on. The last thing was heard is Eve’s screaming as her womb bursts. (This ending, however is retconned by the beginning of Species III, which instead shows Eve waking back up and giving birth normally before being killed by Patrick’s child).
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Michael Madsen
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