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Tonic Merman #55-90789
RARE December Diamonds Tonic Merman - Hot *********************************We have many Rare Mermen including Wave from 2004 one of the Oldest Ornaments produced by the Initial Owners, Scott & Troy, Italian Mario, Mojito & Tonic from the Cocktail Series, Timber Lumberjack, Driver the Golfer, Stud the Cowboy, Aquarius, Victor the Biker, Zircon, Bo the Young Bottom, Goalie Soccer Merman, Catch of the Day Chef, Adorable Clam Bake, H2O Rocker, Mr. Champagne, Woody the Surfer, Mr. Cosmo, Buoy Life Guard, Maximillion, Damian, Spooky,Wiz, & Others. We also Have the Very Rare -14-year-old Halloween, Mardi Gras Trick who is not a Merman but a 7” Gorgeous Ornament which Comes in a Collectible Box. Also, December Diamonds had a Mermen Line of Ornaments only in Germany named Glamour Nixen. We still have some of these Mermen in our Amazon Store. The Mermen are Similiar to The DD USA Line except for the colors of the Clothing or Accessories may differ. Instead of Victor, the Casablanca Merman is Biker Brad. We also have Barkeeper Adam the German Version of Mr. Martini. We also still have some of the December Diamonds 2.5” Merman Magnets which are so rare we may be the only business that still has some of these available.
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