Rainbows - Hard Enamel pin collectible - Main Image 1
Rainbows - Hard Enamel pin collectible - Main Image 2
Have you ever met a person that doesn’t like rainbows? ... See? Everybody loves ’em! So for us, it’s a no-brainer that all love is equal and wonderful. Lovers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes - but all love needs to be celebrated! That’s why we designed this rainbow pride enamel pin: Now you can show others that rainbows are freakin’ beautiful and to give you a chance to say: ”Rainbows, I love that shit!”


• Hard enamel pin with a golden plating
• The rainbow pin is 1 inch in diameter and comes with a yellow rubber clutch
• Polished to a smooth, shiny finish with jewelry quality
• This pride pin is attached to a paper card, printed on premium recycled paper
• All Alenarieca pins ship ’naked’ – without a pesky plastic bag.
• This rainbow flag pin will be shipped plastic-free using recyclable materials
Type of Pin:
Hard Enamel
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2021-10-07 02:59:19
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