Lego 76993 Sonic Vs. Dr. Eggmans Death Egg Robot 6 Charaktere Und Zubehör  puzzle collectible [Barcode 5702017419510] - Main Image 1
Lego 76993 Sonic Vs. Dr. Eggmans Death Egg Robot 6 Charaktere Und Zubehör
Action-packed for young Sonic fans – Invite kids to defeat Dr. Eggman with this LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic set against the Death Egg Robot from Dr. Eggman (76993), designed for children 8 years and up. 6 characters and accessories – the set includes 6 characters, Sonic Speed Sphere and Launcher, plus a host of accessories for fun and create. Inspires kids aged 8 and up to team up with Sonic, in this LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog toy, which includes the giant Death Egg Robot as well as Sonic’s Speed Sphere and Launcher. When Sonic hits his enemy with the speed sphere, the capsule of the robot figure, in which Dr. Eggman holds the animals prisoner, can be pushed to free the animals. The LEGO Sonic buildable game features 6 characters, including Dr Eggman and Sonic minifigures, plus Sonic’s Speed Sphere and Launcher to ride up the ramp and avoid thorns. Kids can experience a fast-paced action game at Sonic the Hedgehog as they take on Dr. Eggman in his robot toy and can make up their imaginative stories with the animals. The LEGO Builder app guides your child on an intuitive building adventure with tools to expand and rotate 3D models, save sets and track progress
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