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Just Plane Fun!

Strap on your seat belt! Here’s rollicking fun with Baloo Bear and his cargo plane the Mini-Sea Duck. He’s out delivering goods to all the people in the cape. But Don Karnage and his goofy band of pirates are hot on Baloo’s tail wind, trying to swipe the cargo!

It’s high-flying adventure as Baloo dodges and shoots through the clouds and over skyscrapers. It’s low-flying fun as he zips through a haunted house where hats and gloves join the chase. Alligators and natives rumble in the jungle. Cave dogs bash Baloo with bones. Submarines transform into helicopters. Baseballs as big as boulders give Baloo a rocky ride!

Baloo’s got eight trips to make so he’s got to be a frisky flyer. Grab your goggles, and don’t smack into a bubble. It could mean trouble!

Frolic with all the Tale Spin characters—Molly, Kit Cloudkicker, Wildcat, Shere Khan, and Don Karnage.

Pick up lots of cargo for big bonus points!

Whip into Wildcat’s hanger for a quick fixer-upper!

Blazing Broadsides! Baloo’s aerial acrobatics help him dodge flying subs.

Screwball pilots throw Baloo curves in the baseball stadium.

Baloo better do some snappy flying or it’s munch-time in the Amazon!
Sega Game Gear
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2018-07-03 12:48:52
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