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Breath Of Fire
Role Playing Game
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In a time long ago, peace was maintained by a race of people called the Dragon Clan, who had the ability to transform into magnificent and powerful beasts. One day, a goddess named Myria appeared and created dissention amongst the clan, by offering to grant any wish to those who earned her favor. The clan divided into two factions, Light and Dark, and waged war upon each other, until a great hero emerged from the Light Dragons and sealed away the goddess using six magical keys, which were then scattered and hidden throughout the world to prevent Myria from returning.

Obsessed with obtaining the goddess’s power, Emperor Zog, the leader of the Dark Dragons, ordered the keys found and the Light Dragons hunted to extinction. Forced into isolation, the last surviving members of the clan settle in the village of Drogan, but it isn’t long before Zog’s forces track them down and set fire to the village.

In a last-ditch effort to save her people, the Priestess Sara turns the remaining Light Dragons to stone (including her younger brother Ryu) to protect them from the flames, before sacrificing herself to the Dark Dragons. She is subsequently captured by Zog’s first lieutenant, Jade.

When the spell wears off, Ryu awakens to find his sister missing. He then embarks on a quest to find Sara and to prevent Emperor Zog from obtaining the Goddess Keys.
Nintendo Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
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