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Soul Blazer
Role Playing Game
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It’s been said that money is the root of all evil, and the Freil Kingdom is no exception. After King Magridd makes a deal with the ruler of all that’s evil, the kingdom begins to deteriorate. You’ve been chosen to save it from annihilation. You’re going to have your hands full here--you’ve got to free the empire’s captive souls, rescue a beautiful maiden, and free an imprisoned inventor. But wait, most importantly, you’ll need to teach the King a thing or two about greed and integrity. In this extensive RPG, you’ll have to journey through six stages to restore the kingdom. You’ll have a full arsenal, plenty of armor, and magic on your side, but when you get to the final showdown with Deathtoll, will it be enough?
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2018-07-03 12:58:10
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