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LittleBigPlanet 2
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LittleBigPlanet, commonly abbreviated LBP,[1] is a puzzleplatform video game series created by Media Molecule and published by Sony Computer Entertainmenton multiple PlayStation platforms. The series follows the adventures of Sackboy and has a large emphasis on gameplay rather than being story-driven. All of the games in the series put a strong emphasis on user-generated content and are based on the series’ tagline "Play, Create, Share”. The tagline represents the three core elements of the series; Playing alone or with others online or on the same console, creating new content using the in-game creation tools and sharing creations and discoveries online with other players.[2]

Tarsier Studios, Fireproof Studiosand Supermassive Games also contribute to the development of the PlayStation 3 games, creating in-game assets including costumes, backgrounds and stickers.[3] The instrumental track "Dancing Drums” by Bengalicomposer Ananda Shankar was used in the soundtrack.

The series comprises five games across three gaming platforms. The series was launched in 2008 with the PlayStation 3 game, LittleBigPlanet which was followed in 2009 by a PlayStation Portableversion of the same name initially developed by SCE Studio Liverpool[4] but later handed to SCE Cambridge Studio. The sequel to the PlayStation 3 version, LittleBigPlanet 2, was released in January 2011 alongside a smaller spin-off title called Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves. A PlayStation Vita game was developed by Tarsier Studios and Double Eleven, released in September 2012. At E3 2014, Sony announced LittleBigPlanet 3, a PlayStation 4instalment that was developed by Sumo Digital and released in November 2014.[5] The games are all published by Sony Computer Entertainment.
Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Sony Computer Entertainment
Media Molecule
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Controller Game Pad
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Blu-Ray Disc
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Snap Case
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