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Knights Contract
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If the point of a video game is to have fun, then Knights Contract can barely be described as such. It’s an exhausting exercise in frustration and a tremendous waste of an excellent story. Former executioner Heinrich, cursed with immortality, just wants to die. He’s teamed with the resurrected Gretchen, the witch that cursed him just before Heinrich killed her. Together, they must slice and spell-cast through a murderer’s row of witches also back from the grave in order to stop the puppet-master Faust.

The idea is not without merit. The brutish Heinrich is invincible, but he cannot leave Gretchen’s side because she can be killed. He dishes out death with his massive scythe, but sometimes the situation calls for magic, which is Gretchen’s specialty. Gretchen has a host of cool spells, including an angry bramble that snares multiple enemies and a magical bear trap that holds monsters in place. She can also juice Heinrich’s skills, such as giving him an electrical lance that shocks an entire room’s worth of enemies or ghosts of his scythe that temporarily triple his melee power.

Using their strengths in tandem could have been an enjoyable experience, as both are thoughtful characters. But because you only control Heinrich, you are left at the mercy of Gretchen’s AI. And her AI is pathetic. She stands in front of incoming attacks. She rushes headlong into combat with only a sliver of health. You can carry her to what seems like safety, but the moment you set her down, she runs right back into the thick of it seemingly (or cruelly on purpose) forgetful that she doesn’t share Heinrich’s immortality.
Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
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2018-07-03 13:01:27
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