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Space Jockey
Side Scrolling
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Space Jockey is a single player, full color, action game design to be played on the ATARI Video Computer System or the Sears Tele-Game.
You are Space Jockey at the controls of a highly maneuverable Attack Saucer, which appears on the left side of the screen. A variety of enemy weapons and obstacles appear on the right and move toward your space ship. These include tanks, jet planes, prop planes and helicopters. Which all fire at you. Additionally, there are balloons, houses and trees that do not fire but are obstacles capable of destroying your Attack Saucer upon impact.
Your objective is to shoot down as many of the enemy objects as possible, scoring as many points as possible, while at the same time avoiding enemy fire.
Initially you have a fleet of three space ships available to you. For each 1,000 points you can score, an additional ship will be available to you.

-from the Manual
Atari 2600
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