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Basketball is an Atari 2600 game loosely based on the sport of the same name. The game features a simple game of one-on-one basketball, playable by one or two players.

At the start of the game, both players are at the center of the court. A jump ball is thrown between them, at which point play begins. The offensive player (the one with the ball) always faces the goal he’s shooting at, and the defensive player always faces his opponent. Each player can move in eight directions with the joystick; the player with the ball constantly dribbles it. The defensive player may steal the ball when it leaves the opponent’s hands (either in mid-dribble or mid-shot).

After either player scores, the shooter is reset to the center of the court, where he will start defending his opponent, and the defender is set under the basket to inbound the ball and take an offensive chance. The player with the highest score after four minutes is the winner.

In the 1980 comedy film Airplane!, flight controllers are seen playing this game rather than watching the monitor.
Atari 2600
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2018-07-03 13:16:45
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