Judge Dredd Dredd Vs Death - Nintendo GameCube (Evolved Games - 4) video game collectible [Barcode 896992000414] - Main Image 1
Judge Dredd Dredd Vs Death - Nintendo GameCube (Evolved Games - 4) video game collectible [Barcode 896992000414] - Main Image 2
Judge Dredd Dredd Vs Death
First Person Shooter
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The game is played from a first person perspective. The singleplayer campaign is made up of eleven levels in which the player takes the role of Judge Dredd and battles a series of criminals and undead vampires. Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty levels are available, as well as a cooperative mode.

The game features a ’law meter’ which gauges the player’s adherence to the laws of Mega-City One. This is depleted by firing on those who have not fired first, failing to challenge enemies before firing and firing upon civilians or criminals who have given up. When the meter is depleted entirely the game is over. After each campaign mission, the player is awarded a ranking of Cadet, Rookie, Street Judge, Senior Judge, or Judge Dredd. Completing singleplayer levels also unlocks at least one playable multiplayer character or map, depending on the player’s performance.

The game also features arcade and multiplayer mode. In the arcade mode, the player must complete various challenges, earning cheat codes for each one completed with a high rank. There are 12 arcade challenges to complete. In the multiplayer mode, players compete with up to 3 friends, and up to 12 computer-controlled players in a deathmatch game. Online play is only available in the Windows version of the game.


Mega-City One is filled with 400 million people, each holding the potential for criminal activity. Judge Dredd is the city’s law enforcer, respected by all Judges and feared by all crooks. The Psi Judges sense a horrible plague approaching the city, and the Dark Judges are their prime suspects. The release of viruses that change the host into a ”Vampire” or a ”Zombie” is blamed on Dr. Icarus and Judge Death. Judge Dredd is forced to fight the insane Dr. Icarus (who almost becomes immortal, his original plan was to find a way to become immortal, not make vampires) and the Dark Judges. The last time Dredd fights Death, Death uses Icarus’s immortal body to fight Dredd, but is ultimately defeated and Death flees into Judge Anderson’s body, who had been held there against her will.
Nintendo GameCube
Evolved Games
Rebellion Developments
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Controller Game Pad
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Game Cube Disc
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