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The Adventures of Batman & Robin
Side Scrolling
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The game is based on the famous 1990s animated series of the same name. The player takes control solely of Batman, as the Joker has kidnapped Robin in order to lure Batman into a game. Furthermore, the Jokers lets Gotham’s most feared criminals compete with one another in order to distract Batman. Naturally, Batman has to take care of the other master criminals, too, while trying to free Robin.
The Adventures of Batman & Robin is 2D platformer/ beat’em up. The goal in each stage and level is to walk from left to right to reach the (sub)boss and the end of the stage. To beat his foes, Batman uses punches and kicks in close combat and several weapons for short distances. Batman has an unlimited supply of Batarangs with him from the beginning, and there are four more weapons available. Apart from simple jumping, Batman can also perform a double jump to reach higher places and can hold on to ledges.
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2018-07-03 13:50:23
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