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Dog Eat Dog
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In this decidedly politically un-correct game, players control corporations which are plundering the environment to produce assorted products, all for the sake of the almighty dollar. Each of the companies produces a slightly different product, which is made by combining two different raw materials. The raw materials come from various parts of the center of the board. When a company harvests these materials, they can choose to either take one, which retains the environment’s purity, or they can take multiples, which can turn the area into an ecological wasteland. Players must balance a work force which is used to collect and process the raw materials, and they must then try to get the best price for the finished product in a randomly adjusted market. Typically in games of this nature, the corporation who makes the most money is the winner, but in this morally corrupt environment, it’s the CEO who makes the most money who’s deemed the winner. And the only way to make money is by embezzling from your company...
Nintendo Wii
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2018-07-03 14:40:16
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