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Phantasy Star
Role Playing Game
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Phantasy Star (ファンタシースター Fantashī Sutā?) is the first installment in Sega’s renowned series of the same name. It was released for the Sega Master System in Japan on December 20, 1987, and then in North America and Europe in 1988. It is considered one of the pioneers amongst console role-playing games, both for its advanced graphics technology, and for being one of the first story-driven games released in the west. It is also notable for being one of the first games featuring a female protagonist. The game was ported a decade later as part of the Phantasy Star Collection, which was released for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation 2 in Japan and for the Game Boy Advance in North America, where critics deemed it as a historically relevant step for its genre. It was also released for Virtual Console on the Wii in 2009. Phantasy Star introduced the Algol solar system, where many of the events in the series would take place. Alis Landale, a young woman, swears revenge on the cruel King Lassic for killing her brother. The game follows her quest to defeat the king, meeting new companions along the way. Although her quest begins only as a means of enacting revenge, Alis realizes that she must save the entire Algol system from an evil being.
Sega Master System
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