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Following a massive earthquake, Tokyo lies in ruin as mysterious forces seek out and obliterate what is left of the Oboro clan. In this rebirth of the classic SGEA action franchise, you take the role of Hotsuma, leader of the Oboro clan, as he battles through the demon-filled streets of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo in search of answers.
Using a unique stealth-dash technique, Hotsuma has the ability to move from enemy to enemy so quickly that a ghostly after image is left behind. This not only confuses Hotsuma’s enemies, but is also a key component in chaining attacks together to consecutively destroy hordes of enemies. "Ninja Magic” also provides Hotsuma with the upper hand in more desperate situations. In addition, Hotsuma has mastered the ability to run along walls, as well as scale buildings to reach hidden areas and special foes.
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
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2018-07-03 12:19:50
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