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Triple Play 99
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Get ready to round the bases in Triple Play 99 from EA Sports. Step up to the plate as one of over 1300 real-life players and hear the crowd roar as you blast a grand slam into the bleachers. Visit all 30 of the major league stadiums, which are stunning recreations. Look up all the pertinent stats you need to succeed as you work your way through the season. A virtual sea of information is on offer to assist aspiring team managers. Round the bases in an assortment of modes like Single Game, Playoffs, and everyone’s favorite, Home Run Derby. Listen in Dolby Surround sound to flawless sound effects and analysis from pro commentators Jim Houston and Buck Martinez. View motion-captured player animations, trade unwanted players, and even compete in day and night games. With Triple Play 99, America’s favorite pastime comes alive in all its glory.
Sony PlayStation
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2018-07-03 12:22:25
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