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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle - Nintendo Wii (Ubisoft - 1) video game collectible [Barcode 19521398] - Main Image 2
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (ノーモア★ヒーローズ 2: デスパレート・ストラグル Nōmoa★hīrōzu 2: Desuparēto sutoraguru) is an action video game developed for the Wii video game system. It is the sequel to No More Heroes. It was directed by Suda51, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, published by Ubisoft and Rising Star Games, and was released on January 26, 2010 in North America, on May 28, 2010 in Europe, and in Japan on October 21, 2010.


Desperate Struggle was announced on October 8, 2008, where a teaser trailer for the game was shown at the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba, Japan. The trailer provides little insight to the premise of the game, other than that the player will once again take control of Travis Touchdown, the protagonist from the first game. Following No More Heroes’ suit of pitting Travis against unique adversaries, the trailer sees Travis preparing to battle a woman fitted with a six-limbed jet pack. It has been stated that this time around, Travis is fighting for revenge, and that he has also become more serious about fighting than he was in the first title.Also, similar to the first game’s numerous references to popular culture, in the trailer Travis says the Terminator series’ catch phrase ”I’ll be back!” before initiating a sequence with music similar to that of the Terminator series’ scores.
Plans for a No More Heroes sequel were first revealed shortly after the release of the first game, in a March 15, 2008 interview with Computer and Video Games, where Suda revealed he would be interested in producing a No More Heroes 2 for the Wii, on the condition that the game sold well enough to convince its publishers. With No More Heroes’ positive reception in North America, and Martin Defries, manager of Rising Star Games who were responsible for publishing No More Heroes in Europe, raving about the sales of the first game, not only was it unlikely that Suda’s intention to direct a follow-up would go unsupported, but this meant it was likely that the sequel would not be published exclusively in Japan. Release dates for Desperate Struggle in North America and Europe have been confirmed. It was announced at TGS 2008 that Xseed Games would publish the game in North America, taking over from Ubisoft which had published the North American release of No More Heroes, while Rising Star Games would again handle the European release. Ubisoft, however, announced at E3 2009 that they would be publishing the game in North America.
Suda has stated that the game incorporates a strong theme of revenge. While he suggested the game would be more serious, he still wanted to maintain the game’s sense of humor. He has also acknowledged the criticism that was made that the open world in the first game was less than satisfying, and hopes to add more detail this time around.


No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle has been met with generally favorable reviews, receiving a score of 84/100 on Metacritic.
IGN praised the game for its quirky sense of humor, stream-lined design of the play experience, numerous pop-culture references, humorous sexual innuendo, 8-bit minigames and impressive graphics. Game Informer praised the new side-jobs and action while criticizing the repetitive voice work and occasionally rough graphics. X-Play stated that, while the navigation and minigames have improved, the story can be inconsistent in later missions and some bosses are frustrating. GameSpot called the combat system ”remarkably fun and interactive” and commended the game’s ”excellent use of motion controls.” Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid stated ”It’s extremely well crafted from beginning to end, and rarely (if ever) sacrifices fun for delivering a message.” GameZone’s Caleb Newby stated that ”Desperate Struggle is so unpredictable it’s like the punch line to a parody of Japanese pop culture. Frantic and all over the map, it somehow makes it all work and gives Wii owners an amazing game for an older audience – a rare treat to find on Nintendo’s console.”
Sales of No More Heroes 2 have been relatively poor. According to Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR), the game sold less than 30,000 units in its first week of release in North America. Desperate Struggle debuted on the UK charts at number five during its release week in that region. The game was the 13th best-selling game in Japan during its release week at 11,373 copies sold. According to Famitsu sales data, the game sold just 16,838 copies by the end of 2010. This total was less than that of either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, a remake of the original No More Heroes.
In a 2009 interview with Kotaku, Suda51 stated he had no intentions of doing a sequel, but he had a change of heart due to the strong sales of the original. ”I originally didn’t want to make another No More Heroes,” he said, ”The game was supposed to be a one off dealio, but when the title did well, sequels do happen.” Suda51 announced that No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle would be the last No More Heroes game on the Wii. He was quoted by saying ”I think this is the last [No More Heroes] that is going to be developed on Wii. To expand [No More Heroes] to new possibilities, we need a new platform. Wii is a great platform, but we’ve done everything we can with it now.” He has since clarified this statement, stating that he intends to continue No More Heroes on the next Nintendo system, likely with a protagonist who is not Travis Touchdown. ”I’ve finished the story for Travis [Touchdown]. It’s completely finished in No More Heroes 2.” Anything developed will involve ”a different character, or something like that within the series.”
In March 2011, Suda51 expressed his desire to create a third game in the No More Heroes series. After the reveal of the Wii U in June of that year, Suda51 stated that he has all sorts of ideas for a third No More Heroes for the new platform. In July 2011, Suda51 announced a new No More Heroes game exclusively for mobile phones on the DeNA service. He promises to make the game extremely violent and hopes the game will be released in the West. He also states that he hopes the game is successful since he has ”over 100 concepts for mobile games.”
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