Nier - Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) (Square Enix - 1) video game collectible [Barcode 5021290041141] - Main Image 1
Nier - Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) (Square Enix - 1) video game collectible [Barcode 5021290041141] - Main Image 2
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Players will jump into the title role of the unyielding Nier as he begins his desperate quest to discover a cure for his daughter, Yonah, who is stricken with the deadly Black Scrawl disease. Armed with a powerful set of magical abilities as well as mighty swords and armor, Nier will do battle alongside a set of formidable allies against waves of dark enemies and giant bosses to discover the truth about the disease, his daughter...and himself.


The game opens with a prologue during the summer of 2049 during which it is, unusually, snowing. In a modern but dilapidated-looking city, a silver-haired man fends off attacks from ethereal monsters in and around a broken-down grocery store where he is sheltering with his sick daughter, Yonah. Having defeated the last of the monsters, he checks on Yonah, who has begun to cough much worse than before. The man then realizes that Yonah has activated the magical book they carried, against his wishes. Realising this may be fatal for her, he calls out for help, but to no avail.

The game then cuts to 1,312 years later, where the player sees what appears to be the same two characters-the man, named Nier, and his sick daughter Yonah-now living in a thriving village led by twins Devola and Popola, and built upon the ruins of an old town and library. The human population has dwindled, and civilization has reverted to a much simpler form, congregating in villages and working together to protect themselves from the monsters, known to the people as ”Shades”. Fearing that his daughter’s illness is terminal, Nier sets out to look for a cure.

Upon searching a tower-like shrine nearby, Nier stumbles upon a talking book, calling itself Grimoire Weiss, which suggests that the two team up to defeat the army of Shades that appears. This partnership allows Nier to use magic, and the two begin their quest to search the lands to collect all the Sealed Verses that Nier hopes will allow Weiss to heal his daughter. In their search they encounter the hot-tempered, foul-mouthed Kain’e, who herself is part-Shade, and a young boy Emil, whose eyes petrify anyone that gazes upon them. Their quest sees many hardships, culminating in Kain’e becoming petrified in order to seal in a deadly Shade, while Yonah is carried away by the master Shade-the Shadowlord-who carries his own book, Grimoire Noir.

Five years later, Emil believes he has discovered the key to removing his curse as well as unpetrifying Kain’e, and he and Nier journey to a lab below Emil’s mansion, where Emil remembers his past: he and his sister were the subjects of experiments into weapons research being conducted under the mansion as part of the ”Gestalt Project”. His sister, codenamed ”Number 6”, was utilised to create the ”ultimate weapon”, while he, ”Number 7”, was kept in reserve. In becoming the ultimate weapon, his sister was transformed into a large, disfigured skeleton-like creature; having returned to life, she is ultimately defeated by Nier, while Emil attempts to seal away her power. This has the unfortunate side-effect of transforming a devastated Emil into his sister’s skeleton-like body that floats above the ground; however, he also regains his sight and gains new magic, including the ability to remove petrification. After unpetrifying Kain’e and defeating the shade they had sealed in, the three set out to find the parts to a key that they believe will help them locate the Shadowlord and Grimoire Noir.

With the pieces in place, the team return to the tower where Weiss was originally found, in order to defeat the Shadowlord; Emil sacrifices himself so that Nier and Kain’e can continue. In the Shadowlord’s tower, Devola and Popola reveal to them that all of the remaining humans on the planet are not truly human, but are Replicants from the Gestalt Project. Faced with its own destruction over 1,300 years ago by a virus, mankind created the Gestalt Project in an attempt to overcome the virus by transferring their minds and souls into duplicate shells- Replicants-created from their genes and free of disease, via an intermediary ”Gestalt” form that held their souls. The project was initially successful, with humans transformed into Gestalt form and corresponding Replicants made in anticipation of their transferral, but the Replicants began to exert their own consciousness, gradually becoming human entities of their own without the original owner’s souls transferred into them, while the Gestalt transformation process began showing signs of errors when Gestalt forms began to ”relapse”-losing sentience and attacking Replicants. The Shades that Nier and the people have been fighting are actually the many Gestalt forms of the original humans, their aggressiveness due to relapse, an overwhelming desire to return to real bodies, and as revenge for the killing of the many Shades by these humans. The team defeat Devola and Popola, who are androids created as part of the Gestalt Project to assist with the transferral process, and have been waiting for the reunification of Grimoire Noir and Grimoire Weiss, an act which would seal the Gestalts into their Replicant bodies.

Nier, Kain’e and Weiss finally defeat the Shadowlord and his Grimoire Noir, and discover that the Shadowlord is actually the original ”Nier” that was seen in the game’s prologue. Driven by an identical desire to protect his daughter, he sacrificed himself and became a Gestalt in order that he could fend off the monsters attacking them, and became the first ever sentient Gestalt in the process. Now, having taken Yonah from Nier, he has given the original human Yonah-who originally became a Gestalt accidentally at the end of the prologue, and soon after relapsed-her Replicant body, but this Yonah realises that she cannot keep it, as she hears the Replicant Yonah calling for her father. She vacates the body, and Nier and Yonah are reunited.

Subsequent playthroughs reveal additional information from the perspective of the Shades, while a book accompanying the game, ”Grimoire Nier”, released in Japan, adds further information to events after the game’s conclusion. The book indicates that the Shadowlord, as the first sentient Gestalt, was connected to all other Shades, and that Nier’s slaying of the Shadowlord will cause the decline of all Gestalt forms (Shades) in the near future. As Replicants are unable to reproduce and must be recreated from their Gestalt forms, it is also suggested that the Replicant population will begin its decline as well, and thus Nier has inadvertently set into motion the end of humanity. However, it should be noted that in the final ending, Nier can sacrifice his very existence to save Kaine. The contractor for this revival, Tyrann (who is also the Shade inhabiting Kaine), claims that the sacrifice will transform her into a regular human being. Another ending also shows that Emil did not die, instead losing his body and seemingly continuing his existence as the ”head” of the weaponis
Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Square Enix
Square Enix
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United Kingdom
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Controller Game Pad
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Blu-Ray Disc
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Single Player
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