Ninja Assault - Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) (Namco - 2) video game collectible [Barcode 722674021395] - Main Image 1
Ninja Assault - Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) (Namco - 2) video game collectible [Barcode 722674021395] - Main Image 2
Ninja Assault
Ninja Assault
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First Person Shooter
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An enhanced port of Namcos 2000 coin-op game, Ninja Assault comes to PlayStation 2 with support for the Guncon 2 peripheral and new modes of play. A wicked Shogun named Kigai, with the help of a demonic army, invaded the peaceful land of Tenshin, butchered the royal family, and made off with Princess Koto. Determined to get their beloved ruler back, ninjas Guren and Gunjo plan on challenging the army with little more than their wits, the power of Ninjutsu magic, and deadly Mach Guns. A young girl named Aoi also wants to see Kigai pay, and plans on joining them as they enter the heart of enemy territory.

Ninja Assault has players assuming the role of Aoi, Guren, or Gunjo as they attempt to save Princess Koto and defeat Shogun Kigai. Each character has distinct stats and follows a slightly different narrative with its own set of enemy-blasting stages. All scenes have a specific number of enemies to defeat using the Guncon 2 or the standard controller. Some attack from the background throwing stars, while others swarm the foreground slashing players with swords. Each character possesses one magic attack in the form of Ninjutsu that clears all enemies within view. Completing a stage reveals a statistics screen with a letter ranking from S (highest) to E (lowest) so players can see how well they fared.

Story Mode can be played simultaneously with two players in each of the three console-specific scenarios as well as the complete arcade game. Players can also compete in Bonus Games divided into two distinct phases: Mission and Training. The one-player Mission option consists of 32 exercises in which players are challenged to defeat a group of enemies within the allotted time and/or a limited number of bullets. Training can be played with one or two players, and offers the following five mini-games: Night Ambush, Samurai Shootout, Fireworks, Haunted Lake, and Gold Rush. Performing well in each of the mini-games can unlock new weapons for use in Story Mode.

* Fight in such varied locales as a castle, an underground cave, forest, ghost town, and the enemy fortress
* Enemies range from rival ninjas to mechanical spiders to boss characters
* Five difficulty levels are available in Story Mode
* Some enemies can only be defeated by shooting at their weak points or by completely depleting their vitality bars
* Shoot wooden crates to reveal first aid kits, magic scrolls, and bonus points


Ruling with an army of demonic soldiers, Shogun Kaigai has conquered the innocent nation of Tenshin and kidnapped its beautiful Princess Koto. As violence and carnage tear apart the land, three great Ninjas rise to end the bloodshed and rescue the Princess. Armed with sacred weapons, the three Ninjas embark on a journey to destroy the evil Shogun

Exclusive bonus game with 5 unique training modes and 32 challenging mini-game missions!
2-player simultaneous light gun action for twice the shooting fun.
Extreme Boss levels challenge even the most heroic players.
Turn up the heat with relentless shooting action and grueling enemy encounters.
Experience feudal Japan and shot your way through unique enemy strongholds in search of the Princess.
First person perspective.
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
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United States
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Light Gun
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2018-07-03 12:31:31
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