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Nintendo’s turn-based roleplaying game, Earthbound is actually the second installment in the popular Japanese Mother series. Developed by Ape and HAL (of Super Smash Bros. fame), Earthbound follows the adventures of Ness, a young boy genius with psychic powers. After a mysterious meteorite lands near his home in Onett, the whiz kid sets out on a quest to save the world. His legend has lived on ever since. Because of the popularity of the first two titles, HAL originally planned on releasing a new Earthbound game (with new characters) for Nintendo 64. Sadly, the project was cancelled. However, characters and locations from Earthbound appeared in the Super Smash Bros. titles. The US release of Earthbound featured a scratch’n’sniff card as an added gimmick to promote the game.
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2018-07-03 12:35:16
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