Dolls in the iCollect Everything database
One Fish, Two Fish, Redfish, Bluefish Pop Out Puppets (Barcode: 011964440603)
One Fish, Two Fish, Redfish, Bluefish Pop Out Puppets (Barcode: 011964440603)
Yellow Bottle Cap Pajamas (Barcode: 012497040162)
Enchanted Evening Barbie (Barcode: 014299154078)
Fifties Fun Barbie (Barcode: 014299158809)
Winter Fantasy Barbie - Brunette (Barcode: 014299176667)
Hollywood Legends Scarlett O Hara (Barcode: 014299189971)
1995 Midnight Gala Classique (Barcode: 014299189995)
Winter Classic (Barcode: 014299529968)
Special Occasion Barbie (Barcode: 014299758375)
Ken Splash N Color Ken (Barcode: 014299767704)
Nolan Miller Sheer Illusion Barbie (Barcode: 014299806687)
1959 Solo In The Spotlight Barbie & Ken Doll Keychains (Barcode: 014397710008)
1995 Basic Fun BARBIE DOLL "1971 LIVE ACTION" KEYCHAIN (Barcode: 014397713009)
Queen Of The Prom (Barcode: 014397728003)
Barbie Dress Up Vanity Keychain 2000 (Barcode: 014397729000)
Victorian Elegance Barbie Hallmark 1994 Special Edition Doll Model 015012269529 (Barcode: 015012269529)
Happy Holidays Stocking Hanger (Barcode: 015012289510)
Holiday Memories (Barcode: 015012302998)
Happy Holidays Barbie Pin (Barcode: 015012317770)
Holiday Barbie Collection Cards (Barcode: 015012345698)
Sweet Valentine Barbie (Barcode: 015012367492)
1995 Barbie Stocking Holder (Barcode: 015012390087)
Barbie As Rapunzel Ornament (Barcode: 015012391183)
Sentimental Valentine Barbie (Barcode: 015012412000)
Holiday Traditions Homecoming Collector Series Barbie Doll (Barcode: 015012428292)
Holiday Traditions Ornament (Barcode: 015012430561)
Victorian Christmas Collection Card (Barcode: 015012430639)
Marilyn Monroe Collector Series 7 Year Itch (Barcode: 015012432374)
Holiday Voyage Barbie (Barcode: 015012432435)
Suburban Shopper Midge (Barcode: 015012449396)
Fair Valentine Barbie (Barcode: 015012475036)
Hallmark 1962 Barbie Lunch Kit (Barcode: 015012504613)
Holiday Sensation Barbie (Barcode: 015012509786)
Travel Case And Barbie (Barcode: 015012522846)
Silken Flame Ornament (Barcode: 015012552652)
Silken Flame Barbie Ornament And Travel Case (Barcode: 015012569346)
Barbie And Kelly On The Ice (Barcode: 015012641530)
Blushing Bride Ornament (Barcode: 015012705829)
Molly - An American Girl (Barcode: 015012712537)
Hallmark 45th Anniversary Barbie Ornament (Barcode: 015012832426)
Hallmark Shoe Tree Ornament (Barcode: 015012839012)
Hallmark Step Out In Style Ornament Set (Barcode: 015012908701)
Carlton Cards Showbiz Fantasy Marilyn Ornament (Barcode: 018100721169)
Dollicious Fashion Tote (Barcode: 019333933299)
Talking Presidents Dennis Miller (Barcode: 020474431032)
Wizard of Oz Barbie As Dorothy (Barcode: 021024449750)
Mariposa Rayna Doll (Barcode: 021024537068)
Live from the Red Carpet dress by Badgley Mischka Barbie doll (Barcode: 021024547067)
Alice In Wonderland (Barcode: 021024570690)

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