Dolls in the iCollect Everything database
Twilight Bella doll (Barcode: 021024879274)
Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock (Barcode: 021024879878)
Barbie as Dorothy Vintage Wizard of Oz (Barcode: 021024882434)
Barbie Basics Model No 03 Collection Red Target (Barcode: 021024945726)
Barbie She Said Yes (Barcode: 021024989447)
On Location™: Barcelona Barbie® (Barcode: 021084442586)
Super Girl DC comics (Barcode: 021084547588)
Becky Doll Most Mod Party (Barcode: 021084675670)
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Alice (Barcode: 021084881583)
Barbie Basics Model No. 08 Collection 002.5 (Barcode: 021084933886)
Verushka Barbie doll (Barcode: 021084937488)
Barbie Basics Model No. 15 Collection 002 (Barcode: 021084938072)
Star Trek The Original Series 4-Pack (Barcode: 022286996303)
Kelsey (Barcode: 023831013230)
Barbie Rub & Color (Barcode: 024225505102)
Glitter Knitting Kit (Barcode: 024225505232)
Aladdin And Princess 20280 (Barcode: 025247202802)
Girl Friends Ballet Dancer (Barcode: 025501100806)
Fashion Doll Accessories (Barcode: 025501125359)
Ken Active Wear (Barcode: 026676006658)
Weekend Wear (Barcode: 026676006900)
Skipper Trendy Teen Fashions (Barcode: 026676007143)
6 Fashion Gift Set (Barcode: 026676007822)
Sporting Life Fashions (Barcode: 026676008621)
Skipper Trendy Teen (Barcode: 026676008638)
Pink And Blue To Black And White (Barcode: 026676008652)
Fashion Favorites (Barcode: 026676008706)
Costume Ball Barbie Vanity And Throne (Barcode: 026676072202)
Costume Ball Barbie Mask Shop (Barcode: 026676072226)
All American Barbie Picnic Set (Barcode: 026676072240)
Wedding Day Bridal Shower (Barcode: 026676072691)
Superstar Barbie Piano Concert (Barcode: 026676073148)
Super Star Barbie Movie Awards (Barcode: 026676073445)
Happy Birthday Barbie Party Time Playset (Barcode: 026676075524)
Mermaid And Swan Playset (Barcode: 026676075555)
Barbie And The Rockers Rock Concert Play Set (Barcode: 026676077436)
Barbie 6 O’clock News (Barcode: 026676077450)
Microwave Oven (Barcode: 026676079362)
Casual Cool Fashions (Barcode: 026676082423)
Dark Pink And Purple Clip On Hangers (Barcode: 026676650080)
Magic Moves Juicer (Barcode: 026676650127)
Pizza Party Skipper Pizza Shop (Barcode: 026676650332)
Magic Moves Food Processor (Barcode: 026676653395)
Disney’s The Little Mermaid Bedroom Set (Barcode: 026676659281)
Esmeralda & Phoebus Action Figure Gift Set (Barcode: 026676662212)
Gypsy Festival Tent (Barcode: 026676662342)
Hidden Treasure Set (Barcode: 026676669389)
Barbie Magic Moves Toaster (Barcode: 026676670200)
Glitter Hair Barbie Beauty Center (Barcode: 026676670231)
Party Sparkle Gift Set (Barcode: 026676670279)

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