Version 1.3 Released

iCollect Everything version 1.3 has hit the iOS App Store today. This release is another bug fix release and includes the following changes:
  • Fixed two crashes related to both Database Search and Collection Value features
  • When scanning in a QR Code, the Edit Info screen now displays “QR Code” instead of the full URL
  • The Progress Wheel now dismisses properly when any alert is shown while scanning in barcodes
  • Updated some third party components with fixes
  • Fixed an issue where a “person” field wasn’t saving the middle name components properly
  • Fixed a number of data integrity issues, such as blank persons, apostrophe and quote appearance issues, duplicate items in the database, and more
  • Turned off Spell Check and Auto-Correction on some text fields when creating a custom collection
  • Some other minor fixes
Download the update here today: