Track of your music collection and wishlist
On your phone, on your computer, on the web.
Scan by barcode or use database search
Search by band, artist, catalog number, and more.
The most complete music database available
Album cover art and details, like artist and tracks.
Any format from any year of release
Vinyl records (7″, 10″, 12″, etc), CD’s, cassette tapes, etc.

iCollect Music for mobile

Free to download for iOS and Android

iCollect Everything for desktop

For macOS, coming soon for Windows

Sync your collection between mobile, desktop, and web!

Both iCollect Music for mobile (iOS/Android) and iCollect Everything for desktop (Mac/Windows) can be used on their own, or used to sync your collection between all your devices. They are best used together, along with our built-in web sharing feature, to allow access to your music and album collection from any place at any time.

Use iCollect Music on the go, whether with an iPhone, iPad, or Android. Then use iCollect Everything when you get home on a large desktop screen with a keyboard for quicker input and modifications of your album data. And then share your collection and wishlist with friends and family using our web sharing option.


Latest news and releases for Music

Beta 3 of iCollect Everything for Windows launches today

Beta 3 of iCollect Everything for Windows is now out and available to pre-order customers. E-mails have been sent out with details on how to download it. If you’re interested in purchasing it, here with […]

Updates are now available to all of our mobile apps to support iOS 17

iOS 17 is being released September 18th, 2023 for iOS devices, and a critical bug fix for it is included in our latest updates to the iCollect apps. Available today, these updates fix a bug […]

iCollect Everything for Windows (Beta 1) is now out; Here are the details

iCollect Everything for Windows (Version Beta 1) is now out and available to anyone who has pre-ordered it! We’re sending out e-mails today to let our pre-order customers know how and where to download it […]

7.9.11: Update secures your privacy online even more

A new 7.9.11 update to the iOS apps (and soon to Android) has started to roll out tonight. This update secures your privacy by removing your private email address from the web sharing URL. We […]


Reviews from customers

Excellent Tool!

"Love it. I don’t know if it’s my phone or not but I cannot see any letters are being typed. Are use the movie app and no albums app they are both excellent. Now I can actually find an album quickly or see if I already have it if I want to buy one!!!" - 5 stars from skinuts (May 26, 2021)

Perfect app for record collectors

"Keep track of what you already have and/or the condition of each record. I often refer to my list when browsing in record stores." - 5 stars from Jollyman444 (Apr 05, 2021)

Fantastic App!

"Not sure what I’d do without this App. It has saved me several times from buying duplicates!" - 5 stars from kristienickgianna (Jan 16, 2021)


"Very pleased with this. No complaints." - 5 stars from gibson0670 (May 25, 2019)

So easy to start organizing

"I’ve been using this app for about five minutes now and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen… I just went thru a painful 500 listing of my vinyl album collection using another app. I wish I had found this before I had done all that work because its much easier to use. This is a breeze and I highly recommend it!" - 5 stars from caw5262 (Feb 05, 2019)

Great app !!!!!

"Love this app for keeping track of my collection wherever I am." - 5 stars from Xtremhorror (Feb 01, 2019)

Great App

"I love the display options and sort functions... so easy to use!" - 5 stars from Total Impact DJ (Aug 30, 2018)

Without music life would be a mistake....

"This app helps manage even the greatest of vinyl collections, must have for all levels of collectors" - 5 stars from CURLY#13 (Apr 08, 2017)

Good app

"This is just what I was looking for I've tried other apps very user-friendly cumbersome just horrible this one is perfect" - 5 stars from Tom beast mode (Jan 24, 2017)

Great app to sort your collection.

"I really like this app a lot. I have only added my vinyl but intend to do my dvds too. It's super easy to input your titles. You can add by barcode, photo or manually. I entered 30 records in less than a half hour and that includes a few that weren't listed that I had to take my own photos of. The only critique I could add is as you are adding a title if you accidentally go back without saving you have to start all over again. A check screen saying "are you sure you want to go back? All your work will not be saved." Something to that effect would be good. All in all a great app!! Thanks!!!" - 5 stars from JackCostumes (Jan 01, 2017)

Love this app

"Really helps me see what I have and organizes it." - 5 stars from teamgeotrax (Dec 06, 2016)