Track of your magazine collection and wishlist
On your phone, on your computer, on the web.
Scan by barcode or use database search
Search by publisher, genre, issue number, and more.
The most complete magazine database available
Full pictures and details, including cost and country.
Any manufacturer or publisher from any year of release
Magazines such as National Geographic, TIME, Wired, etc.

iCollect Magazines for mobile

Free to download for iOS and Android

iCollect Everything for desktop

For macOS and Windows

Sync your collection between mobile, desktop, and web!

Both iCollect Everything for mobile (iOS/Android) and iCollect Everything for desktop (Mac/Windows) can be used on their own, or used to sync your collection between all your devices. They are best used together, along with our built-in web sharing feature, to allow access to your magazine collection from any place at any time.

Use iCollect Everything on the go, whether with an iPhone, iPad, or Android. Then use iCollect Everything when you get home on a large desktop screen with a keyboard for quicker input and modifications of your magazine data. And then share your magazine and wishlist with friends and family using our web sharing option.


Latest news and releases for iCollect Everything

Mac app updated with new, powerful Sort options

If you’re one of our Pro subscribers and use the Mac app, powerful new sorting options that match what the iOS app can currently do are now available in the most recent update! These sorting […]

Version 8.5 brings collapsible sections, more layout options in preparation for new trading cards collectible types

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update here on the site, but we’ve been hard at work daily on features that will be of importance to not just our current users and collectible […]

Tons of new fields added to every collectible type in every app

This weekend we’ve added a ton of new fields to every collectible type in all of our apps. In order to get these fields, simply close your app and reopen it and they will appear. […]

Estimated Values, Hiding Unused Fields released; Plus here’s what we’re working on next

Another week in 2024 and it’s another round of massive updates for our iOS users! Of course all of this will be coming to Android this year as well once we’ve gotten our to-do list […]


Reviews from customers

I’m in love with this app!

"I love that this app has already many different types of collections (books, movies, board games, coins, dolls, etc) and you can also create other types to fit your needs (like my Koozies collections!). You can customize the type of information you want to track for each collection separately. You are able to either scan the barcode of the item or enter information manually. The free app works for people with small collections but if you have a lot of items you would love that contrary to most apps that requires a monthly or annual fee this app is just a one time upgrade fee for unlimited amount of entries! I highly recommend this app!" - 5 stars from India2004 (Jun 05, 2024)

Very useful app - easy to use!

"I inventory my many books. Great way to remember what I have & not buy duplicates. I can sort by title, author, type, and more. Very happy with the app. Betty H." - 5 stars from Bdhouston (May 22, 2024)

Love this app!!

"I have been using the iCollect app for my DVDs, Blurays and UHD collection for years. I recently started using the iCollect music app for my CD and vinyl collection. The app is very user friendly, bug free and works great! It provides many options for organizing your collection including the ability to import and export your data. I love it!" - 5 stars from rpmdpb (May 05, 2024)

Amazing app

"I have spent the better part of an afternoon using the icollect video game app. It has finally allowed me to organize my games into an easy to find list. It’s super easy to use and definitely worth the cost for organizing stuff easily. This app is amazing. Thanks for creating an awesome and easy to use app." - 5 stars from Joshbyb1 (Apr 29, 2024)

Great App

"Super efficient app, make cataloging my collection a breeze. Well done." - 5 stars from Seashore Trains (Apr 28, 2024)

Great collection tracker!

"Pretty much covered everything I needed to start tracking my personal collections of various things. Barcode scanner is perfect Details and customization is great" - 5 stars from Cuegeee (Apr 25, 2024)

Easy and Great Application

"The easy method of adding collections that are different from the many pre designed ones. I added one for records. Easy to learn how to use. The ability to share you collection is also a plus." - 5 stars from F Old Person New Tasks (Apr 16, 2024)

Easy peasy!

"I’m not a technology wiz, and this app is so easy to use! I was stunned by the database of pictures it has access to for dahlias! I was able to create my list in no time on my iPhone!!" - 5 stars from jalnwick (Apr 07, 2024)

Best app

"Best app ever good support service" - 5 stars from De6193 (Apr 05, 2024)

Great Product

"Great Product wish did Trading cards also" - 5 stars from paisley23 (Mar 30, 2024)


"Been using this app for years and years and still do! I use it everyday! One feature I’d like to have, is to toggle items from your owned list, to your wishlist. I custom curate every entry in my collection. But my collection changes often as I make a lot of sales and trades. Many items that I sell or trade one day, I may buy back again within the next few weeks. So it’d be a nice thing to have rather than having to delete it entirely and then re-enter all that info. We can already toggle things from our wishlist to our owned. Can we make it work the other way too?" - 5 stars from Otisentialbagel (Mar 27, 2024)