Version 1.7 coming this week with some new features

We’re expecting Apple to approve our new 1.7 version of the app this week, and here’s what we’ve included:

– Sped up the loading of large collections
– Users can now create up to 30 fields with Custom collections
– Added a Quantity field option for Custom collections
– Collection Value now takes Quantity into account with calculating
– Added a Refresh Collection option
– Add ability for users hide lists not being used on Switch tab
– Added the option of exporting Main list, Wishlist or both
– Add new devices (iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, new iPads) to device list
– Added Tape as a Media Type for Video Games
– Added sorting by Season for Movies / TV type
– Database search by Actor, Director, and more now working
– Sorting by Comic number now works properly.
– Restoring an in-app purchase now works better
– Added code to prevent users from getting double-charged
– Personal Rating field is no longer misaligned on Info view on iPhone 8
– Filter banner is now visible when searching collection
– Fixed a few crashes

Download it here today.