Version 1.5 is coming soon

Hey folks. Version 1.5 of our app is coming out soon (within the next 2 weeks of this post) and it has a ton of bug fixes and some really major improvements on some features. I don’t have a full list of details to provide just yet, but here are some highlights:

Feature Improvements

  • Filtering items will be 100x faster than in previous versions
  • Added Star Wars collectable type
  • Full Google Books ISBN integration
  • Major improvements in Database Search for Comics and Video Games
  • Added “RCA Studio II” and “APF M1000” to Video Games Platforms

Bug Fixes

  • Massive amount of crash fixes
  • User flow improvements
  • Data cleanup
  • Search Bar fixes

When we’re ready to launch, I will make another post, which will be quite long with the changes.

Also, we’re working on version 1.6 now, as well as getting up and running on Android development. 1.6 will include adding the Star Rating field into custom collection types, support for iOS 12 and the latest Xcode/Swift technologies, Code 128 barcode support for certain collectables, and some user flow improvements.