Version 1.5 is now out, basics of app now 100% free

If you have our iCollect Everything app, I encourage you to go to the App Store Updates tab and get the latest 1.5 version. There are many changes and fixes in this release which are critical to the app, and I explained most of those in the previous blog post.

Also included in this update is a new payment model and price for the app based on user feedback which was, frankly, mostly complaints and helped us realized we needed to change things. Basically most of the app is now 100% free to use, and only premium features require a subscription, which will cost much less as well. I’ll have a full post coming in the next two weeks explaining the new model, which we hope works a better for a wider range of our customer base. We also hope it will continue to pay the bills here are our company too. It’s always a balance between doing what’s right for the customer and keeping the lights on here in the office.

Thank you for sticking with us and trying out iCollect Everything!