Version 1.6 is out with some new features, and a final update on our payment model

Version 1.6 of iCollect Everything has been approved by Apple and should now be available in your App Store Updates tab on you iOS device. Check it out, as there are a few new features and some bug fixes:

– Estimated Value feature now works with Custom collectable types
– Added Long Text as a field option for Custom collectable types
– Added Star Rating as a field option for Custom collectable types
– Added Type of Model field for Model Trains
– Added Series field for Action Figures
– Added Packaging field for Action Figures
– Added Opened field for LEGO
– Added Size field for Shoes
– Added Code 128 barcode scanning support
– Improved the signup/login flow of the Enable Cloud Sync screens
– Added some warning text onto item info screens if your collection isn’t being backed up
– Exporting to CSV is now defaulted to order items by Title
– Fixed a bug where the name of a Custom field was disappearing on creation
– Estimated Value selection when creating Custom fields now always forces that name for the field
– Other bug fixes and minor improvements

I also want to give a final update on our payment model changes we’ve been making these past few months since launch. We think we’ve finally settled on what works best for you, the users, and us to keep the company running. We’ve settled on a one-time fee (not a subscription!) that will unlock the collectable of your choice once you reach a high number of items. So the app will continue to stay free-to-use for low and medium sized collections, and you will only need to pay if you reach a significant number of items for your collectable type (the number varies depending on the type). We’ll then prompt you to pay a one-time fee which will then unlock unlimited items for your collectable type from that point forward.

We hope that this is affordable and reasonable for the larger collectors who use our app a lot and store a lot of items, while also being great and free for people who just want a quick inventory of the stuff in their home. And of course, with us being a business with bills to pay, we’re hoping that it provides us with enough revenue to keep the servers on for you.

Thanks for using our product and please e-mail if you need anything.