Version 2.0 is in development

iCollect Everything version 2.0 is currently in development for both iOS and Android, and we anticipate a release this Summer 2021. It’s a very exciting and huge release with many of the features requested by users. Best of all, it’s a 100% free update! There is no need to pay for any of these additional features and fixes.

After the release we plan on jumping to creating our online web portal, as well as a new trading card companion app.

In version 2.0, you can expect these changes, fixes, and much more:

  • Dark Mode support with dark colored themes
  • Added a new OCR ISBN Scanner for Books. Works amazingly well!
  • Automatic rectangle detection, cropping, and skewing on camera photos (iPhone only for now)
  • Barcode scanning now ducks and returns the music properly, and doesn’t stop the music on the first play.
  • Enabled “Series Order” field and can use it to group items in the same series together
  • Sorting improvements
  • Many new and updated fields for LEGO
  • Add more languages to Audio and Subtitles
  • Further messaging to help with Cloud Sync signup
  • Scanning 17 digit and 18 digit unique comic barcodes will now take users directly to the info view
  • Fixed the segment control color on Comics barcode scanner
  • Updated component libraries
  • Fixes on Export
  • Added the ability to group movies from the same series together
  • Fixed a bug where textlist fields could not be cleared
  • Fixed a bug where certain number fields wouldn’t save blank
  • Fixed some theme issues
  • Fixed issue with the “X” button when entering a book barcode
  • Rename Custom collections
  • Added the ability to clear the current selection in “Customize Cell Data”
  • The back arrow (<) is now displayed on all back buttons
  • Added a section index bar to the filter select screen
  • Fixed Custom collections not detecting duplicates when adding via barcode
  • Stamps collection type now being unlocked properly
  • A number of other small bug fixes

Coming Summer 2021!

  • Export to PDF with images (delayed until 2.5)
  • Updated the flow of adding new items to make the user experience quicker and easier to understand (delayed until 2.5)