iCollect Everything for Android is now available for download

After well over a year of hard work and conversion, we have finally released the first version of iCollect Everything for Android (via the Google Play Store). You can download the app and try it today by clicking/touching here:

We tried our absolute best to ensure that the Android version of the app had the exact same features and as similar design as possible compared to the iOS app. We want the experience between both device types to be unified, and we plan to update both iOS and Android apps in tandem so both will always have the same feature sets going forward. (Note: The one thing that Android has yet to have is a German translation, which may come at a future point.)

This version being the first out, there are bound to be bugs and performance issues, and we will be working hard to fix those in the upcoming weeks to really polish up the app. If you find any issues bothering you, please feel free to email support@icollecteverything.com and report them.