Here’s what we’re currently working on

After nearly six months of development work, version 7.5 (formerly known as 2.5) is in development now. This update will be a stabilization release with a few smaller new features and many fixes for common complaints like crashes, image saving, sorting, and more. We’re looking at a late-Spring 2022 release for iOS, and a late-Summer 2022 release for Android. Version 8.0 will be our next major update with new features, which we expect to start work on in the Fall of 2022. All of these updates will be free.

A Windows PC app is also on the way in late 2022, and will use Xamarin for a combined codebase with the Mac app. This will allow us to have just three codebases for our products: iOS, Android, and desktop, and will help us accelerate development of new features. This release will also bring our Mac app in complete feature parity with the mobile apps, and will be a free update to existing users.

For now a web portal is on hold. There are a few reasons for this; the main ones being a lack of revenue source for the company unless we charge for Cloud Sync, and the fact that a dedicated desktop app will be more fully featured and better designed for a computer, with mobile apps better for mobile. Having a web presence is still on our list of projects we’d like to complete, but the priorities we listed above will come first.

Thanks for your support and keep checking back for more updates on our progress.