Major stability and bug fix releases for Android and iOS now out

A massive stability and bug fix update that also includes a few new features, including expanded sorting options, is going out to the public as of today for our Android app users (the iOS update has been out for a while now). The Android update will slowly rollout to everyone over the coming weeks and is a 100% free update. This version, 7.5, will be our last release for a while until our updated Mac and Windows app comes out sometime before Christmas 2022.

Version 8.0 of the iOS and Android apps is in the early development cycle, and includes a few new exciting ideas, such as a new Shop tab to allow you to quickly find items that match, and are missing, from your collection so you can purchase them instantly. We’ll also have even more fixes, updates, and features in 8.0.

We keep improving our products thanks to feedback from customers like you, and we appreciate your loyalty!

Here’s just some of what is new/fixed in the 7.5 version of the Android app:

  • Fixed some bugs with image editing
  • Updated third party components to fix bugs
  • Fixed some bugs with creating new accounts
  • Added the ability to delete an account
  • Date pickers now go to year 0
  • Fixed a bug where a fields maximum characters was being set to 0
  • Fixed a bug where “Packaging” wasn’t selectable in the Default Field Data screen
  • Added a new Account section into app to match what’s on iOS
  • Added dialog reminding users to log in if they have an account
  • Cover date is now sorted correctly
  • Added two more tiers of sorting
  • Achievement fixes
  • Fixed bug where “Series Order” wasn’t showing up on the edit info view
  • Series grouping updates and fixes
  • Added an email verification field to the create account view
  • “Notes” can now be selected on the info view to view the “additional info” screen if the text is too long
  • Section headers are now limited to 1 line
  • Added the barcode to the info view and made it copyable
  • Added the ability to add custom items to single select and multiselect views
  • Added a new country select view
  • Added new country select view
  • Fixed various theme issues
  • Fixed issues when deleting multiple items from the main and wishlist
  • Fixed and issue with “Group Series” feature
  • Updated the grid layout to match iOS with rounded corners feature
  • Updated the countries view to display any countries added from another device
  • Fixed an issue where barcode scanning wasn’t putting the issue number from a new comic book into the field data properly.
  • UPC-E 8-digit barcodes, such as those found on Alcohol, are now scanned properly
  • Removes non-numeric characters from copied barcodes
  • Fixed a bug where images coming from our server wasn’t appearing in the Edit Info screen
  • Some collectible types weren’t having their proper +2 and +5 barcode scanning turned on
  • In-app purchase menu now shows correct item limits
  • In-app Purchase menu should now properly show if items have been purchased or not
  • Fixed a bug where the “not logged in” message was not displayed when switching tabs
  • The collection name is now displayed correctly in the action bar after selecting it on the collection select screen
  • Restoring in-app unlocks from the server now works in the top left menu
  • Massive code updates to get rid of deprecations and modernize the codebase
  • Even more fixes not listed here…