Mac app updated with new, powerful Sort options

If you’re one of our Pro subscribers and use the Mac app, powerful new sorting options that match what the iOS app can currently do are now available in the most recent update! These sorting options are on their way to the Windows app shortly as well, and we’re hoping to have that out in about a month (which will include some bug fixes in it as well).

The new Sort screen allows you to set four levels of sorting for your items, all within a Section that is sortable as well. We’ve also added the long-needed and requested sort direction to the app for Ascending and Descending. The sorting options that you select are saved per collectible type.

We plan to do a number of updates to the desktop apps this summer 2024 to bring them up to par with the iOS app features, so keep an eye out for more updates soon on our blog here, Facebook, and X (Twitter).