Tons of new fields added to every collectible type in every app

This weekend we’ve added a ton of new fields to every collectible type in all of our apps. In order to get these fields, simply close your app and reopen it and they will appear. There is no need to download an update to get these, and they are all automatically pushed from our server. These have been some of the most requested fields, and we still have more to add in a future rollout. Soon we’ll have an app update that allows you to hide fields that haven’t been filled out yet so your item info doesn’t scroll on forever when you’re browsing your data.

As always, we have a ton of updates and new features planned for 2024 and beyond so watch for those soon!

All Field Updates

All collectible types:

  • Purchased From
  • Signed By (most collectibles)
  • Owner
  • For Sale
  • Sold For

Action Figures:

  • Asst. Number
  • Model Number


  • Percent Remaining
  • Series
  • Series Order

Board Games:

  • Complexity
  • Game Mode


  • Volume
  • Signed By
  • Assistant Editor
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Translator
  • Illustrator
  • Has Dustcover
  • Copyright Year
  • Printing


  • Volume
  • Legacy Number
  • Page Quality
  • Grader Notes
  • Issue Number (can now contain alpha characters)
  • Number of Pages


  • Serial Number Obverse
  • Serial Number Reverse


  • Era
  • Hair Type
  • Eye Type


  • Exclusive (users can now add their own to the list)
  • Year Retired
  • Number of Minifigs


  • Publisher
  • Volume
  • Genre (users can now add their own to the list)
  • Issue Number (can now contain alpha characters)

Model Trains:

  • DCC


  • Volume
  • Catalog Number
  • Audios – New Languages and Formats
  • Edition
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating
  • IMDb Rating
  • Black & White


  • Packaging (users can now add their own to the list)
  • Series
  • Series Order


  • Size (users can now enter decimal points for size)


  • Date Completed
  • Missing Pieces


  • Has Box
  • Model
  • SKU

Toy Cars:

  • Brand
  • Type of Wheels
  • Case

Video Games:

  • VR

Vinyl Figures:

  • Color (users can now add their own to the list)


  • Year of Production
  • Material of Case
  • Diameter
  • Lugs Size
  • Extras


  • Percent Remaining