Android iCollect apps now updated with pinch-to-zoom, collection counts and updated UI on Switch tab, and more

The iCollect apps for Android were updated today to version 7.10, with the following new features:

  • Pinch-to-zoom on images on the Item, Edit Image, and Full Image screens
  • Collection counts for all of your collections now appear on the Switch tab (iCollect Everything app only)
  • Refreshed UI for the Switch tab
  • Refreshed UI for cell and font sizes app-wide to match more closely to our iOS app
  • Four new questions added to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section in the top left menu
  • New options for sharing your Main collection and Wishlist in the top left menu
  • A new option to share a link to the app in the App Store with friends and family in the top left menu
  • Updated branding for Twitter to now call it X (Twitter)
  • The Share button on the Item screen now shares a URL to all of your item details instead of just a picture (non-custom items only currently)
  • Estimated Values in the top left menu has been rewritten and does proper currency separation, considers quantity, and more
  • The Quantity field can now be set to zero (0)
  • Better messaging about deleting the first image of an item

Watch for more great feature updates already in development!