iCollect Everything for Windows, iOS, and Android updated with bug fixes

A new round of releases today, with the iCollect Everything for Windows app getting a fairly big bug fix update:

Windows (1.0.20)

  • Fixes a bug with Filters on custom collections.
  • Updates third party libraries with bug fixes.
  • Fix to sorting when A/An/The settings are on.
  • Fixed a crash on barcode search.
  • Made it so multiple Create/Edit Collection windows couldn’t be opened at once.
  • Fixed a crash with the Cell Appearance setting.
  • Fixed a bug where Issue Number was getting duplicated.
  • Fixed a comic bug where “Purchase Type” drop down items were not being displayed correctly on the Edit view
  • Fixed a bug where some items weren’t getting deleted locally.
  • Images can now be deleted on the edit info screen with right-click.
  • Added delete dialog confirmation on items.

iOS (8.0.2)

  • Fixes a crash with Achievements.
  • Updates third party libraries with bug fixes.

Android (7.10.0)

  • Fixed a crash on the Switch tab.
  • Added desktop app purchase instructions in the top left menu.