Sharing your collection on the web just got better with updated UI, item info, and paging

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just rolled out a major website update (version 1.1), available to all our users at no extra cost. The fresh, revamped user interface promises a more seamless experience. You’ll notice the addition of paging buttons on collection lists, offering a more organized view of your content. What’s even more exciting? We’ve included detailed information for each item within our built-in categories. And for those who’ve been asking, stay tuned—details for custom items are on their way, as well as some much requested bug fixes! Designed with you in mind, our new interface is fully optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms. Want a sneak peek? We’ve attached some screenshots below for your viewing pleasure. Ready to dive in? Just click on the ‘Share’ button located in the upper left corner of your mobile apps. Dive in and explore the new features today!


The Share button in the mobile apps.


Updated User Interface


Paging Buttons


Full Item Details


Mobile Friendly