An update about our latest iCollect updates — Here’s what’s new!

Another day, another round of updates. The 8.1 version of the iOS has rolled out and here’s what’s in the latest versions:

Updates and fixes to the iOS apps (8.1.3)

  • Fixed a bug where the quantity label wasn’t being removed from custom collections after the field was deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where the quantity label was showing when the quantity value was null.
  • Updated third party libraries for bug fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where issue number for Comics wasn’t being displayed correctly on certain views.
  • Fixed a bug on the achievement display view where the total item count progress cell wasn’t displaying the count.
  • Made some changes to address the “strong password” issue preventing users from signing up on iPads.
  • Updated the icons to make scrolling smoother on the Switch tab.
  • Updated the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Collections are no longer re-sorted when the app is opened from the background, if no changes have been made.
  • Quantity is now set to ‘1’ when moving an item from the wishlist.
  • Crash fix attempt when saving images.
  • Added code to potentially fix a crashing bug when moving items from the wishlist.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to the Cancel button the item screen when changes are detected.
  • Added code to potentially fix a crash in filtering.
  • Added rounded corners to the achievement banners.
  • Major update to sorting that fixes some bugs and massively speeds it up on larger collections. (8.1.2)
  • Recognizes more devices when emailing support. (8.1.1)
  • Fixes a bug where Default Data was not persisting after reloading the app. (8.1.0)
  • Changes the order of our API calls to improve finding comic books with extended 5-digit barcodes. (8.1.0)

These changes will all be coming to the Android app once our cycle on the iOS apps is completed early next year.

New updates to collection viewing on the web

  • Added the ability to search within a collection.
  • Added headers to separate sections of items.
  • Incredibly fast collection loading.
  • Fixed collection and wishlist counts in the dropdown.
  • Fixed a bug where many custom collections weren’t being displayed in the Category dropdown.
  • Now hides who you’ve loaned items out to for privacy reasons on the item screen.
  • Implemented web privacy for users who enable that setting in the Pro tab of the mobile apps.