iCollect Everything for Windows (1.0) has officially been released!

Finally, after what seems to be forever in development hell, iCollect Everything for Windows version 1.0 has been released. We know so many of you have been waiting patiently for this day for a few years now, and now that it’s finally come, it time to go get it today on the Microsoft Store. This version is nearly identical to the Mac desktop app, with many future features planned.

Here are some important release notes:

What’s not in version 1.0 compared to the mobile apps:

  • Multi-tier sorting of four levels
  • The ability to hide collection types in the left pane
  • Text searches on collections besides on just on the Title field
  • Database searches for items besides just on the Title field
  • Pulling data from our third-party sources if an item isn’t found in our database
  • Adding your own values to certain single-selection fields
  • Sorting direction option of descending on the main/wishlist collection view
  • Deleting entire collections from the Account section
  • Server down maintenance checks
  • The ability to rename a custom collection

It’s important to note that the Mac app also currently doesn’t have these features. The 1.0 version of Windows goal was to bring it up to par with the Mac app for initial release.

What’s planned for version 2.0 (Both Windows and Mac):

  • All of the features missing from the mobile apps, as stated above
  • Custom CSV Importing
  • Bulk Editing
  • Bulk Adding from a database search
  • 10 images instead of 4 per item
  • Photo exporting
  • German translation
  • UI improvements with Dark Mode, title bars, and other minor areas

We’re excited to now be code complete on all our apps and services (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web) and at this point going forward we’ll be iterating and expanding our features. We have a ton of planned things coming not only for Windows, but for the product line as a whole, and with the Windows app done for version 1.0, all of our users should start to see updates across our products at a much faster pace. But for now, enjoy iCollect Everything for Windows and we look forward to your feedback and continued support.