Version 8.0 of the iCollect apps for iOS kicks off a rapid round of improvements

Version 8.0 starts our new rapid development cycle with the iCollect products, starting with the iOS app updated today. Expect a number of releases under 8.0.x version numbers in the coming months, with many new bug fixes and features. To start off with 8.0.0, here’s what’s new:

  • Added the ability to select 1/2 stars to ratings.
  • Users can now move items back to the Wishlist.
  • Added a progress wheel when adding new fields to a custom collection from the left menu, which will now prevent multiple fields from getting added by users.
  • Fixed some German localization.
  • Added User ID to some support emails.
  • We now properly export quotes (ASCII character 34) as double quotes for CSV files on strings.
  • Fixes a regression bug with database search always showing the duplicate dialog no matter what item was selected.
  • Fixed some deprecations with iOS 15.
  • Searching large collections (5000+ items) now properly shows a progress wheel.
  • Database Search text field no longer clears when changing the attribute that you’re searching by.
  • New school district users won’t ever get any push notifications or upsells.
  • Updated some old Achievements text that referred to the “Options tab”
These changes will all be coming to the Android app once our cycle on the iOS apps is completed early next year.