iCollect Everything, the best collection database app & software.

For cataloging any collectible you can think of: movies, books, music, comics, games, action figures, wine, pop vinyl, toy cars, puzzles, and more.

Works with and syncs between your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web.


Reviews from customers

Great app

"Tons of options and solid interface make this app a must have for cataloging your collections." - 5 stars from DeadEric (Mar 03, 2024)

Easy, Helpful, and Interesting

"Originally, I downloaded the app as a trial. My husband and I have a pretty big collection of books, DVDs, CDs, Video games, etc. I figured I would tackle the largest collection which is our books. It was very easy to bulk scan the 52 books just in our living room! I also browsed the app and it will estimate the value of your collection, allow you to document when it was read or even loaned out. I know it will take me several months to get our whole collection in the app, but it is worth the price and time, especially if you have moved 5 times and your collection gets mixed up. You will also find duplicates. Make sure you tell the app the location of each of the items you have scanned. Go have fun scanning!" - 5 stars from Amber Stump (Feb 24, 2024)

Absolutely love this app

"I have many collections from ornaments, books, video games, etc. this app is a huge help “all in one” way to store all my collections. You can also make your own custom collection group. The fact you can very easily scan the barcode off anything, and I mean anything and the picture and all information about the item comes up. Can’t recommend it enough, and the cherry on the top is NO MONTHLY CHARGES ! Just pay once for all groups or only pay for what you will be using." - 5 stars from Crazom3 (Feb 21, 2024)

Question for the developer

"Really like the app. Not really surprised by the hook of having to pay after so many additions to my lists. Usually I just say forget it if I’m hit with a large price tag but this could be useful. I am considering buying but first I have a question. If I buy in, will that be it, will my additions be unlimited or will I be required to pay more after, say 100 additions or 1000? I’ve seen some in the reviews almost saying we have to pay again after a certain point." - 5 stars from Gsjukado (Feb 19, 2024)

I collect music

"Helps me with my CD collection" - 5 stars from Fwako (Feb 08, 2024)

Perfect for a Bibliophile

"After leaving a large house, I got rid of all my books (I know, I know.) I’m now starting to build back my paper library and needed something, other than a spreadsheet, that I can access from any device to ensure I’m not duplicating. Being able to scan a book for a wish list, in the bookstore? Winning. I looked at several different apps and found iCollect to have the most flexibility and ability to keep track of many types of collectibles. I was surprised when I was stopped at 30 items and needed to subscribe but, the $60 for any and all collections, unlimited was absolutely worth it. AND that’s a one time purchase, just to be clear. The app is super easy to use and I was able to scan about 50 books in less than 10 minutes. I do not hesitate to recommend this app right now. I’ll update this review if I find any glitches but right now it’s perfect for building back my library. Valerie K" - 5 stars from jvkckell92 (Feb 06, 2024)

Amazing support!

"I hadn't used this app in a couple years and I opened it up to extend my collection, but I was having problems with my account. I used the "Contact Us" in the menu, but being after hours I didn't expect any action anytime soon. I received an answer AND A FIX in a matter of MINUTES. It's one thing to build an app - it's another thing to then provide that sort of support. Sooooooooo many apps are "launch and forget"." - 5 stars from andcheese (Jan 31, 2024)

Best inventory app!

"I have been searching for an app to organize cookie cutters and this is IT!! I’ve tried several other inventory apps, but with icollect I can organize, search by key words, have multiple photos for each item… AND it is AFFORDABLE!!! THANK YOU for this great product!" - 5 stars from AngieGildehaus (Jan 27, 2024)

Love this app!

"Hi!! I love love love this app. I just wanted to give one suggestion, when trying to go Pro, can you make an option for a monthly subscription instead of just $50 for the year?? Then I would definitely go Pro!" - 5 stars from Sammi9191 (Jan 24, 2024)

Puzzle Lover

"I’m loving using the iCollect app. I paid for the single collection to keep track of my puzzles. I took pictures of all the puzzles and the box lids since I really started puzzling during the pandemic. I also started taking pictures of the side of the box with the barcode since I heard there was an app to track puzzles. At the New Year, I downloaded iCollect and started putting in the puzzles I did in December. Since I had pictures, I did this when I was on vacation. At home, I’m maybe 2/3rds done scanning the barcodes and entering all the boxes I have in my to do pile. I found I had a few duplicates. It will also help me from swapping or buying puzzles I already own. I’m working backwards with all my pictures but I’m only in July of 2023. I figured this would be a great thing to do while recovering from foot surgery. It’s been kind of fun to put them all in and see what I’ve done and what I actually have." - 5 stars from Emoji Awesome Fun (Jan 23, 2024)

Scan & add to your collection

"Wow finally found an app that uses my iPhone camera to scan and barcode info and details are correct! I can even add my own pictures or use ones added by other users! App is AMAZING!" - 5 stars from BrendaY57 (Jan 15, 2024)


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The iCollect apps for iOS were updated today to version 7.10, with the following new features: Pinch-to-zoom on images on the Item, Edit Image, and Full Image screens Collection counts for all of your collections […]